Aerospace materials: Surface science of materials
High performance structural materials and coatings
Special functional materials and material design
Non equilibrium materials and preparation techniques
New Polymer Materials and Advanced Resin Matrix Composite Materials
Material Failure Analysis and Prediction Prevention
Advanced Material Preparation Science and Forming Technology
Aerospace Technology
Gas physics
Aerospace computing
Satellite remote sensing technology
Beidou Navigation and Positioning System
Satellites and Geophysics
Aircraft Flight Dynamics
Aerospace Structures
Computer modeling and simulation of human-machine and environmental systems
Ejection Lifesaving Technology
Spacecraft Thermal Control Technology
Vapor liquid two-phase flow and heat transfer
Aircraft anti icing system
Precision Plastic Forming and Equipment Technology
communication technology 
signal transmission 
signal processing 
Fundamentals of Circuit
Exchange technology
Wireless technology
Fiber optic communication
wireless communication 
Digital communication
Analog communication
integrated circuit
Microelectronics Technology
Physical Electronics
Communication System Principles
Computer communication network
Communication electronic circuit
Digital Electronic Technology
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  • Submission Deadline: June 18, 2024
  • Registration Deadline: June 23, 2024
  • Conference Date: June 30, 2024
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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